2003-08-19 - 2:02 a.m.

Trains, Pains & Automobiles (Or At Least Boys Who Build Them)

Can anybody explain these fucking trains to me???

Okay, there are only like 87 different kinds of friggin trains around NYC - how the hell am I supposed to figure out which one goes from the Newark airport to Penn Station at midnight???

I even bought a damn map and am just more confused than ever... We have no trains here, what's a girl who has been driving since she was 8 supposed to make of this mess??? The one person who would so easily be able to answer my questions is the one person I am absolutely not asking... I guess I have one more day to figure it out...

I am very excited about the trip but a little nervous and sad too... I figured I would get up that way soon, I just also always thought it would be for different reasons... So instead, I obsess about friggin trains... I know I will have a blast though - if I can ever get packed!!

Hopefully I will get some checks tomorrow too... The bosses agreed to 2 out of 3 of the rates I told them I wanted for the work so I submitted some major invoices today (and the one they didn't agree to, I simply added a few more hours to make up the difference)... I am SO glad that work is done and out of my life - well for another week or so...

Oh, and Cute Car Boy called me tonight from the races in Bonneville... He's such a sweetie... And he does know how to use the phone, we do have to give him credit for that at least... I'm going to go out with him and see what happens... I'm not going to lead him on if it doesn't work out, but I should at least see... It's not often cute boys with common interests ask me out... Maybe this age thing is really no big deal... Or at least I am trying to tell myself that...


Oddly enough... Do you think it is too crowded with the pic in there?

The soundtrack of my life... "Hey, mister locomotive..."

Other randomness... A cute tattooed boy has given me suggestions for fun bars to check out!

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